Veer Savarkar’s “Hindu Pad Padshahi”

Veer Savarkar was one of those great sons of Mother India who could weild a sword and a pen with equal ease.His book “Hindu Pad Padshahi” gives an excellent overview of the pan Indian struggle of the Marathas to establish a Hindu empire where Hindus did not have to pay jizya,nor were their life and property under threat by fanatical Muslims and Christians.

Reading this book is a must for every right mineded Indian just to get an idea of the holy mission of the Maratha Empire.

Hindu Pad Padshahi-Veer Savarkar

2 thoughts on “Veer Savarkar’s “Hindu Pad Padshahi””

  1. There are some excellent letters preserved in original from the Hindu Pad Padshahi movement that tell us about their motives. For example, the letter by Shrimant Sadashivrao Bhau to all the Hindu kshatriya groups of northern India when he led the Hindu forced towards confrontation with Ahmad Shah Abdali at the third battle of Panipat. He signs of as “servant of Hindu religion.” Similarly, letters by Antaji Mankeshwar when Hindu forces first unfurled the saffron flag at the river Indus after so many centuries during the maratha conquest of Punjab in 1758. He speaks of how this sacred land has finally been restored to its Hindu owners. The amazing thing about all this is that they always thought they were a HINDU movement, not a maratha movement. Truly inspiring, and something every child of Bharat can be so proud of.

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