5 thoughts on “Ebook: Chronology of Kashmir Reconstructed”

  1. Namaste, yours is a nobel service for mother Bharathi. I bow to Sri Kota Venkatachalam ji for his research work which has awakened the country men. Pay god to shower you the strength to continue the service for many many years. Thanks Krishna Murthy R, krivee@yahoo.com

  2. The work done by shri venkatachalam is superb .As a reader of history of india i salute him for his works .I would be thankful if any body would help me in purchasing his few books thanks

    1. Dear Nehruji,
      Please see the comments under one of the ebooks for Sri Venkatachalam that I have put up.There is a link to another site which has the name and contact number of his grandson.
      kind regards

      1. Dear yogeshwar ji ,Namskar -Thanks for your information .Iwas really glad to see the work you have done and are doing .Salute to you also and iam sure you will continue to help me to know more about my religion and the history of india .Thanks again

  3. Dear Yogeshwar ji
    Namaskar Thanks for your information I may inform that you are also doing asuperb job .Salute to you too.Your these records will help our future generations to know the real history religion of bharat warsh which has been distirted by foriegn elementsThanks again

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