Books on Various Sastra’s

A collection of books on various Sastra’s such as Silpa sastra (science of architecture,mechanics etc),Gajasastra (science of elephants),Asvasastra (science of horses),Natyasastra (drama),Vastu Sastra etc.All of them are rare and out of print now.

Vastu Shastra


Viswakarma Vastu Sastra


Mriga pakshi Shastra

Principles of Silpashastra

Indian Architecture According to Silpasastra

6 thoughts on “Books on Various Sastra’s”

  1. Yogeshji thanks for these, you are doing a great service by converting these books into easily readable PDF’s.

    I have a request, could you do the same for this book by the late Shri Goel if you have the time:

    “Chaina Is Red With Peasants Blood (1953)

    It is a book he had written in the 50’s as part of his and Shri Swarup’s anti Communist work and hard to get now.

    While their critiques of Islam and Xtianity are easily available online, their critiques of Communism written way back in the 50s are more rare to find.


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