Ebook: War in Ancient India

I found this gem of a book on Delhi Universitys DSPACE site.It gives a very good idea of warfare in ancient India.For a fuller understanding it is best if you read it in conjunction with Kautilya’s “Arthashastra”.( freely availaible as a downloadable pdf here: Arthashastra of Kautilya)

War in Ancient India



Veer Savarkar’s “Hindu Pad Padshahi”

Veer Savarkar was one of those great sons of Mother India who could weild a sword and a pen with equal ease.His book “Hindu Pad Padshahi” gives an excellent overview of the pan Indian struggle of the Marathas to establish a Hindu empire where Hindus did not have to pay jizya,nor were their life and property under threat by fanatical Muslims and Christians.

Reading this book is a must for every right mineded Indian just to get an idea of the holy mission of the Maratha Empire.

Hindu Pad Padshahi-Veer Savarkar

Some Books on Vijayanagar and Muslim Invasions of South India

I downloaded these books from the Delhi University DSPACE website.These cover the history of Vijayanagar,muslim invasions of South India etc.I will add more books to the list from time to time.

1.South India and her Mohammedan Invaders: written by KAN Sastri who was a pioneering historian of South India.
South India & Her Mohammedan Invaders

2. Early Muslim expansion in South India :

Early Muslim Expansion in South India

3.  Sources of Vijayanagar History

Sources of Vijayanagar history

4.Vijayanagar Sexcentenary Commeration Volume

Vijayanagara Sexcentenary Commemoration Volume

5. Studies in the Third Dynasty of Vijayanagara

Studies in Third Dynasty of Vijayanagara

6. Mediveal Jainism With Reference to Vijayanagara History

Mediveal Jainism-With Ref to Vijaynagara Empire

7. Social and Political Life Vijayanagara Empire Vol I ( AD 1346-AD 1646)

Social and political life in the Vijayanagara Empire Vol 1

8. Social and Political life in Vijayanagara Empire Vol II ( AD 1346-AD 1646)

Social and Political Life in Vijayanagara Empire

A Must have Book for Every Patriot

I downloaded this exceptional book from here  http://library.du.ac.in/dspace/. This site is a veritable treasure trove of  old but gold books which have gone long out of print but remain relevant even today.

The late and great Veer Savarkar’s ground breaking book The Indian War of Independence   was the first writing of the war of 1857  against the British ( to be more specific the East India Company) from an Indian perspective.The book like its author underwent many trials and tribulations at the hands of the British who tried their best to destroy it.

I am uploading it.Please go through the book ,so the next time a clueless person says the British were great for India (same nonsense that they gave us railways,etc etc) ,you will know better.Educating ourselves on the past is the only way to prevent it from recurring.

As time permits I will try and do a write up on “What the British Did for India”,a compendium of all their atrocities.

Here is the book,click on it to download:

Veer Savarkar 1857