12 thoughts on “Ebook: Age of Mahabharata War”

  1. Someone emailed us a link to this post asking if the DLI Downloader 0.21 doesn’t work. Hundreds of users use DLID 0.21 to get books all the time. If DLID 0.21 did not work for you, please note that 99.99% of the time, it is because of some problem with the DLI’s servers or the user’s security/admin settings. There is an elaborate User Manual installed on your computer with the software itself. Plus, there is an online FAQ which details all the problems you could face and how to solve them. Please read all this documentation to familiarize yourself with the s/w, and then try to use it. DLID generates over 60 error codes and messages alone, and has an adaptive networking engine; it is a lot more sophisticated than it needs to be. DLID is NOT like the other tools/methods there are for the DLI. And if nothing works, you are always welcome to write us for support. See our support guidelines. Sometimes, we even provide books outright for researchers on a deadline! And DLID 0.21 is not meant for Sanskrit books alone. You can fetch anything from the DLI. Just before this user’s email about your post, we provided a book on Mughal diplomacy in Central Asia to a Turkish researcher. What is true is that, we provide built-in catalogs for Sanskrit/Indology books because most of our users research or read the field. DLID 0.3 will include catalogs of ALL 250,000 books at the DLI. This catalog information is data that even the DLI doesn’t have!

    Please don’t alarm users needlessly with incomplete information. PRL is a for-profit company; though DLID is not a professional release from PRL, it is taken quite seriously. Our group does spend a lot of time, expense and energy providing this and other Indological materials, solely to promote research and public interest in Indian culture and antiquities, as do our sponsors. It will ill-serve the “Indian culture” causes you seem to blog about, if you provide erroneous information about DLID. Please do change your post to be accurate. We worry that more users might have been misinformed, and so missed on the treasure trove of Indian knowledge in the DLI. That is why I am even sending this comment on behalf the DLID group.

    1. What is your problem? If you bother to read what I have written I have clearly stated that DLI did not work for me,but have very clearly appreciated the effort behind it and have recommended others to try it out.I have also pointed out that it is one of many methods availiable to the user.

      If something dosent work for me do not expect me to write that it did.

      It will ill-serve the “Indian culture” causes you seem to blog about, if you provide erroneous information about DLID

      Your sarcasm is uncalled for and downright offensive.I do not just “seem to blog about” Indian culture I actually do blog about our culture and history.

  2. Dear Mr. Yogeshwar Shastri,

    Thank you for providing these books of Shri Kota Venkatachelam online.

    I would like to know if there are any other books of Shri Venkatachelam which are available online.

    There are two I can remember:- 1. Indian Eras. 2. Chronology of ancient hindu history. but I could not find them online.

    I would much appreciate your reply.

    1. Dear Jaydeep,
      thanks for your comment.I will try and locate these books.One good resource would be the Digital Library of India site.

      Ill keep a look out for the titles you mentioned,if I can find a copy will definitely upload it on my blog.

      all the best

      1. Thank you for your response.

        I searched the DLI website but it did have any books beyond the ones you’ve already posted.

        Perhaps I might need to look harder.

        Thanks & Ragards.

      2. Jaydeep,

        I came across this blog by Dr K R Rao garu : http://kmrao.wordpress.com/2009/08/02/history-is-the-witness-of-the-times-kota-venkatachalam/

        There is loads of information on there.Plus in the comments for the above article I came across this bit of information given by KR garu:

        Sri Kota’s historical research volumes comprise 9 volumes in english, 15 volumes in telugu. These books are available with hi son Kota Nityanandan Sastri Whose address am giving below,
        Kota Nityananda Sastri, 23-14-18, 1st floor, Manepallivari street, Lakshmi Nagar, Sn Param, Vijayawada 530011 A.P
        ph: 0866-653146
        His grandson’s Mobile n.o, Rivath : 9247369422
        You can get xerox copies of his main works. history of ancient-Hindu History-Part I and Part II. The Plot in Ancient Hindu History.
        Apart from this I have edited memorial volume on Sri Kotavenkatachalam which comprises all his main contributions. They are available in the same blog of mine now you will get all majorHistorical contributions of Sri. K.V you can contact his son Nityanand Sastri for full Information.

        Give Sri Nityananda Sastri a ring and if books are for sale give me a bell as well.

        all the best

  3. Dear yogeshwar shastri

    How about some researchers like Dr.P.V.Vartak who scientifically concluded that the MAHABHARATHA WAR STARTED ON 16-10-5561B.C.

    Please provide some discussions on it

    Thankin you

  4. Dear Krishna Ji,

    Allow me to guide you to some internet forums which may be a good option to raise and discuss these topics.
    I’m sure the author of this blog also visits these forums frequently. They may perhaps point you to the exact discussion threads as well.
    There, you may find a lot of existing debate on these matters and could traverse through it.

  5. Sir, we have interest for books of Pt. Kota Venkatachelam. I have find his address and phone numbers of his relatives. Problem is, the phones are not working. Is it possible directly coming to his home and asking his son? The address was mentioned above.

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