Ebook: War in Ancient India

I found this gem of a book on Delhi Universitys DSPACE site.It gives a very good idea of warfare in ancient India.For a fuller understanding it is best if you read it in conjunction with Kautilya’s “Arthashastra”.( freely availaible as a downloadable pdf here: Arthashastra of Kautilya)

War in Ancient India


2 thoughts on “Ebook: War in Ancient India”

  1. hey yogi.. damn good books man.. thnx for the post.. have been searching for them for a long time..have u by any chance read the book “Military history of ancient india” by Maj Gen Sandhu? Have heard great things about the book but couldn’t get hold of it.. i hear its outta print now.. Will try to but it when i go to india this time.

    1. Hi Sudarshan,

      I am looking to get Maj Gen Sandhus books as well ( he has written two one on ancient India and one on mediveal India).
      If you are going to India,have a look on the publishers website which is : http://www.visionbooksindia.com/

      its showing as availiable,but check with them before ordering.His books are highly recommneded by a lot of military buffs.

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